5 Benefits of Using A Whirly Board for Athletes

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5 Benefits of Using A Whirly Board for Athletes

A Whirly Board is just what you need as an athlete to take your workouts to the next fitness level. If you struggle with balance, this board may be a little harder for you but after some practice it will be completely worth it. There are so many reasons to get a Whirly Board and we are going to share with you the five best reasons we know the Whirly Board is the best balance board for all athletes!

#1 Improve Your Agility

The ability to switch from one position to another, quickly, is a fundamental skill in any sport. Training with a Whirly Board will allow you to instantly switch from offense to defense.

Being able to move quickly on any surface in any direction is important for athletes. Whether you are a football player jumping for that last minute Hail Mary or a snowboarder practicing switch, the benefits of increasing your agility is directly related to your performance. Hockey players will become quicker on their feet, soccer players more control over the ball, and gymnast will be more likely to stick those landings!

#2 Strengthen & Rehabilitate Your Ankle and Knee Joints

All athletes know the risk they take upon their bodies when participating in sports. Helping prevent injury is key to becoming a great athlete, or rehabilitating quickly and properly to prevent future injury is a necessity.

A recent study in The Journal of Athletic Training showed that six weeks of balance board training would substantially reduce the rate of the possibility of ankle injuries reoccurring within the following 12 months. This was tested next to a group that did not do any balance board training during their rehabilitation and well, that group of people came back to rehab sooner than the other group.

Wakeboarders know the risks of blowing out a knee. The Whirly Board is a great tool to get you back on the water sooner and feeling more comfortable with your day-to-day activities. Runners will notice instantly that they have stronger ankles running on those rough rocky trails.

#3 Develop Those Core Muscles

Your abdominal muscles are made up of a number of muscles that overlap each other and extend from the base of your neck all the way down to your legs. They support your torso and keep your spine upright.

Training on a Whirly Board will put your core under new stress that you haven’t felt before- upping your fitness level to that next step. The constant imbalance will keep your core muscles firing as you make tiny adjustments to hold yourself up. With this balance board you will have the ultimate core to endure anything coach throws your way.

#4 Create Better Posture

Poor posture is everywhere these days. The result of the constant rounding of our backs and keeping our shoulders hunched at our desks and Netflix binge-worthy couches. This provides us with a negative self-image and, more importantly, is terrible for our spine.

The Whirly Board will strengthen the deep muscles of your torso that don’t normally get worked out. This, in turn, will provide you with a strong foundation for your new sexy posture. Show the confidence and radiant beauty you truly are!

#5 Works New Muscle Groups

Your small and your large muscles are going to have to work together to keep you stable which will then provide you with an overall body workout. A more intense workout than you would get from lifting weights or running alone.

Doing a push-up on the balance board will bring in all of your small stabilizer muscles in your core, chest, shoulders, and arms. If you want to take it the extra mile try doing a push-up with your hands on a Whirly Board and your feet on another. It’s intense!

Balance board training will provide athletes with that overall toned, fit, look you have been looking for. Whether you are a gymnast on the beam, or a basketball player trying to make three pointers, controlling your body’s stability will put you at an advantage.

So what are you waiting for … go give it a whirl!

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